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Atlanta Boy by George

I was visiting Atlanta and was a little bored and my body stiff (not my dick).  I needed some excitement and a massage so I thought why not have both.  I looked thru one of the gay periodicals and found a massuese for the right price and with the qualifications I seeked.  You see, I am a big dick loving 100% TOP.  I needed someone who could massage me in the nude but the needed to have a dick big like my 9 inches or bigger.  After a few calls to the brothers who had ads I received a return call from one.

I interviewed him on the phone, he described himself as toned muscular with 11 inches of dick and was a licensed massuese, that was all I needed to know..

I journeyed up to his place, with some warning from my friend to be careful.  I got there and he had the place set with low lights and aromatic candles.  After the initial pleasantries we took me into the room he had setup for the erotic massage.  He helped me to get undressed and had me lie face down on the table.  He then stripped out of my line of sight.

Next thing I felt was the touch of warm scented oil and a really firm and knowledgeable hand massage my feet.  By the time he got to my things I had a raging hardon.  My dick was up against my stomach so he couldn't tell then the state I was in.  He massaged my azz for sometime and then worked his way up to my shoulders; he worked his way back down my body and up again before asking me to turn over onto my back.  I was excited and hesitant at the same time..

I turned over and he acted at first as if he didn't notice my 9 uncut inches waving about.  He began his massage of the front of my body, carefully avoiding my dick as much as possible.  His actions only made me hornier as hell, the anticipation of him touching my dick at anytime now was maddening..

Eventually he got around to it and when he touched my dick I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my body.  He then began to suck and jack me at the same time, I was in heaven.  I asked him to allow me to return the favor so he picked me up in his strong arms and moved me to his bedroom and laid me out on the bed.  He climbed into the bed and immediately put us in a 69 position, dude had the most beautiful 11 inches of dick I had ever seen..

I didn't waste anytime and plunged that dick in my mouth like it was the only dick I had seen in months.  He sucked me so expertly and I just had to do my best to return the favor.  I licked up and down his dick to his balls and sucked on his head and down the shaft as far as I could take it (I am no good at deep throat).  I was really grooving on his dick and would suck it all night long; I can suck on a big beautiful clean dick for an indefinite period.  I was enjoying that dick so much I never even sensed that I was cumming until too late, dude sucked me off and kept my dick in his mouth until he had drained me of all my cum.  Once he had gotten rid of my cum, spat it out, he asked if he could cum on my chest..

How could I deny him after what he did for me?  He shot a really nice load on my chest, it was great watching his dick so close to my face and seeing the cum shoot out of the eye, the cum felt nice on my chest and he rubbed it in to me a little.  He then cleaned me off with a nice warm towel..

I thought that this would be it as my hour was up by then.  Dude suggested I stay a little longer as he had no more clients for the night and he really enjoyed me.  He said he was hungry and we left to go to one of those all night eateries.

Once back at his house he immediately took my clothes off again and had me hard in no time.  I was all set for another oral session but got a big surprise..

Dude was laying on top of me just grinding with each other, I closed my eyes as it was feeling so good.  I felt him rise up a bit and was about to open my eyes to see where he was going but he asked me to keep my eyes closed and go with he sensations.

Next thing I know is he is rolling a condom on my dick; not too many people can comfortably roll a condom on my dick due to the foreskin, he did an expert job at it.  That wasn't the surprise though; the surprise was that I felt my dick entering a very tight warm place, a place that I love to be in.  I had to open my eyes at that point..

Dude was sitting his tight redbone azz on my dick, I was out of my mind with lust, not in my wildest dreams did I expect a 6'1" muscular dude with 11 inches of caramel dick to be sitting on my 9 inches of Jamaican uncut dick, but here it was, wished I could have caught it on camera.

He rode my dick so well, slowly descending on it and rising up again, allowing the head to just about come out of his azz, then riding down again.  We did this for what seemed like half an hour.  Dude then said he wanted to change positions and maneuvered us onto his back(my favorite position to fuck someone) without losing my dick.  Once in that position I was now in charge of the movements..

I fucked him with all I had, I had his legs up and back allowing me full access to that pink hole that I was staring at.  It turns me on so to see my dark dick entering a tight hole and I watched it like it was an out of body experience.  I would look up at his face from time to time and each time I could see that he was thoroughly enjoying the pounding I was giving him.  My dick felt like it was in a place that I never wanted to leave..

I went further and rasied us up until he was sitting on his shoulder blades, dude was heavier than me but it was worth it to have him like that, I was pounding his sweet tight ass with my dick pointing straight down.  The pressure it place on my balls was fantastic and we fucked like to rutting animals.  He kept urging me on saying how to pound his azz as he doesn't get it pounded often enough.

Soon I felt the familiar build up happening in my balls and I told him I was getting ready to cum, he asked me to fuck him as hard as possible so that he can cum without touching himself.  I lowered us a little to give myself more leverage and really went to town then.  I fucked him like it was my last fuck and watched his face turn red and heard his moans and begging for me to fuck him.  My dick became even harder as I neared my climax, he must have sensed it as his beautiful 11 inches started to shoot cum all the way into his face; seeing someone cum always sends me over the edge as coupled with the spasms from his azz as he cums add the extra friction to have me spurting.  I was close behind him and shot my second load for the night, it was a very noisy cum as I felt like everything in me was coming out.  I collapsed on top of him and he wrapped his leg around me and told me, while caressing my face, that it was one of the best fucks he has ever had.  I layed there glowing in the aftermath with his cum drying between our bodies but enjoying every bit of the moment..

After we had recovered our breath and balance, he suggested we take a shower together; wow this dude seemed to know all the things I like..

We showered together, washing each others parts and enjoying every bit of it.  He got out of the shower and took a towel and dried me off from head to toe(I love to be pampered like this) then picked me up again and took me to the bedroom.  He had me sit in a chair while he changed the sheet and then picked me up and layed me out on the bed then joined me.  We slept like babies curled up into each other, not breaking contact for the rest of the night, always had some part of our body touching each other.  We woke up only when his alarm went off; he had to go to a family function.  We quickly freshened up and dressed.  I went back to my friends house and though he was upset at not hearing from me, he couldn't go off on me as he saw the look of bliss on my face and didn't want to spoil the moment for me..

Next to fucking 2 cousins within the same 24 hours, that was the best time I had in Atlanta to date.  I haven't been back in awhile but plan on it soon..

Not the END but the continuation of my sexual life!



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