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Elmo Jackson and Redd Spyda - Added on 10-30-2014

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Elmo and Redd comin back from a party, lil exhausted, but a thug ain't ever too tired for a little fuck action. Elmo goes straight for tha thug pipe doin his lil dick suckin thing with his pretty lil face. Redd Spyda is all about returning the favor of course suckin that dick, and then bending over for Elmo to fuck him real good. Elmo does a number on dat ass, but tha versatile brotha doesn't mind taking some dick too!

Breion Diamond, Carmell and Chico - Added on 10-23-2014

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Breion goin over to Carmell's crib where he n his boy Chico be chillin. Breion wanna smoke some dope and get his dick sucked while he workin on that blunt. Chico and Carmell are down with that both taking turns on that big ass thug dick and before you know it Breion is slayin some asses and busting phat nuts left n right!

Gemini & Mercedes - Added on 10-17-2014

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Meet gemini and Mercedes, two young horny hotties. Gemini is more the aggressor while Mercedes tends to be the more passive(complete botom). Gemini likes to travel and meet new people, Mercedes is a full time student who enjoys movies and male companionship.

Domino Star and Ricco Furtado - Added on 10-10-2014

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Domino Star kickin it with Ricco Furtado and Domino needs to air out his dick a bit. Ricco is down for whatever and quickly gets his own pants off so Domino can suck that delicious big papi pinga. After some ass eatin Domino is ready to take that whole big sausage in his black hole culo. Ricco gettin a lil rough here and there, but Domino is lovin it all, especialy suckin that nutt out of Ricco's dick!

Aries, Sayvion & Scorpio - Added on 10-03-2014

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Hotrod, Manny Baby and Omoni - Added on 09-26-2014

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Hotrod and Omoni just tryna study. They be making good progress when Manny Baby drops by and fucks it all up when a buncha FlavaMen porn mags fall outta his book bag. Ya know them boys get horny right away when they see that shit, and so a hot ass hell threesome begins. Manny Baby gets his ass eat while getting his dick sucked to start with, but that's just foreplay. These brothas like it rough and there ain't no asses save over here. Some good sandwich fuckin too toppin it all off with cum everywhere!

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